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My first priority is my family, second is Cricket. But off season, I playing rummy card games on rummystars and this time fortunately winning 50 thousand rupees in the Khiladiyon Ka Khiladi tournament.
nilrshthakur446 Raigarh, Maharashtra
I've been playing on rummystars for 3 years now and in my experience rummystars is very good. I won 1st place in the National Rummy Crown Final Tournament
bomblemk Maharashtra
rummystars is a good platform for winning Cash Prizes. I have won Rs. 13,200 in the National Rummy Crown Tournament and I am very happy about it.
raosahebshelke2 Maharashtra
Kal Maine `50000 hajar rupees jita rummystars ke Khiladiyon ka Khiladi 5lakh tournament main. Mujhe bahut Aacha laga. Surakshit aur sabse jada jeet chahiye to rummystars ke sath.
Nareshtare Thane, Maharashtra
I am happy on winning the 2nd Rank in the Mega Mobile Dhamaka Tournament on 16/05/2016
prak2566 Surat, Gujarat
I won Rank 2 in the Navartri Nostalgia Tournament on 16th Oct at 10.00 PM , Prize 1 Titan Watch. I thank you very much for your support Team.
premadeva Bangalore, Karnataka
Hii rummystars team , I have played on many sites of rummy but I can say that this site is very trustworthy because the security of this site is excellent... Very very thanks team hope this site goes very high
devendra1991 Mumbai, Maharashtra

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Where can I download the app to play rummy online?

Download rummystars App onto your Android or iOS device now and start playing real cash rummy online and free rummy game along with thousands of other players who are part of the mobile rummy bandwagon! Enjoy online Rummy game on the move as the rummystars App allows you to indulge in your online Rummy playing passion, anywhere, anytime with just a few taps on your Android or iOS device! Playing real cash rummy was never so easy.

Featuring an advanced game lobby that is optimized to player needs, rummystars mobile app allows you to play online rummy game in a safe and hassle-free fashion. Download rummy mobile app – rummy app for android (phones & tablets) and rummy app for iOS(iPad & iPhones) and start playing free rummy game online from anywhere, anytime with players spread across India!

Features of the rummystars app:

  • Highly Navigable Interface to Play Rummy Games Online
  • Advanced Safety Features for Foolproof Security
  • Quick and Easy Facility for Withdrawal and Deposits
This rummy app enables users to:

  • Play free rummy game online
  • Play online rummy for cash
  • Deposit and Withdraw Money in a secure fashion
  • Switch seamlessly between desktop and mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads and Tablets
The rummystars app can be downloaded for FREE by both new as well as existing registered users on their Android and iOS devices. To start playing real cash rummy online for free using rummy app, registered users can use the same username (access details), which they use while playing on their desktops or laptops, while new users can register for free via the rummy app. Start playing real cash rummy online for free by downloading the rummy app onto your Android or iOS device, click on one of the options below:
Rummy App for Android | Rummy App for iOS

Why Is rummystars The Best Indian Rummy Card Game Network?

rummystars is a card game that has perpetually enjoyed popularity amongst Indian audiences. A rummy cash game that was limited to within the confines of close friend and family circles has now expanded its horizons and entered the online realm in the age of fast internet! And rummystars is proud to be leading from the front with its innovative online version of rummystars which you can play with online rummy players across India who are equally passionate about the game.

The market is currently inundated with a lot of online rummy sites but what makes rummystars stand out from the rest is the user-friendly interface that promises a riveting free online rummy experience for all users. rummystars makes it extremely easy to get started with playing real rummy online for free.

rummystars acts as a perfect platform to sharpen your analytical skills and offers you the chance to face off with leading online rummy players from across the country, all this while you rake in the moolah while you play best rummy games!! Real money is up for the grabs, and the only thing between you and the cash rewards are your rummy skills! Play rummy online with real money only on rummystars.

Locally referred to as ‘Paplu,’ the Indian Rummy can be said to be largely inspired from rummystars & Rummy 500 and is as much fun to play as any of its Western cousins. There are two popular versions of India Rummy games played across India, rummystars & 21 Cards Rummy. rummystars and 21 Cards Indian Rummy, the two versions are so named because of the number of cards being dealt to each player at the start if the rummy card game, which are 13 and 21, respectively. These two versions are traditionally played in homes among family members and groups of individuals on festive occasions as well as during friendly get-togethers like kitty parties, marriages and anniversaries. These rummy card games enjoy widespread popularity in clubs and card rooms across India and are also indulged in as a leisurely pastime activity by people traveling on long-distance trains in India. With access to various free online rummy sites like rummystars, the ease of playing a game of real rummy online for free across the web with another rummy enthusiast is what attracts people towards Online Rummy in its different forms. Also, hassle-free online payment with online support and call support being made available to Players makes it a completely safe and trustworthy platform to play the rummy card game for free. rummystars allows its players to play rummy online for real cash using its mobile rummy app.

So why is the best rummy website on the planet, you may ask? It’s simple; rummystars takes user experience very seriously. rummystars offers a seamless experience when it comes to playing rummy online, with the opportunity to win huge cash rewards. Players can enjoy online rummy card games anywhere and anytime using our mobile rummy app. With plenty of options to deposit cash and a 100% secure platform, rummystars offers rummy enthusiasts an online rummy experience that is second to none. rummystars has always strived to provide its players with the best rummy experience, and a true testimony to that would be the lakhs of happy rummy enthusiasts playing online rummy card games on our platform. Playing rummy online for free was never so easy and secure; if it’s real rummy nirvana that you are after, you can’t go wrong with rummystars.

What Are the Various Forms of Free Online Rummy Games?

rummystars brings you the best of free online rummy gaming with an advanced digital interface that guarantees hours and hours of undiluted entertainment. What’s more! You get a chance to earn real cash rummy rewards with rummystars.

Popular Game Formats:
rummystars and 21 Cards Rummy are the two most popular online rummy variants that can be played at rummystars allows you to play popular rummy games online through its mobile app.

10 Cards Rummy:
10 Cards Rummy is a fast paced, action packed 10 card variant of Indian Rummy. A 2 player game is played with 1 deck (52+1 Cards), and a game with more than 2 players is played with 2 decks. All the players are dealt with 10 cards, which they have to meld into sequences and sets. 3 types of games can be played in 10 Cards Rummy; Point, Pool & Deals.

rummystars is a traditional version of Indian Rummy game played between 2 to 6 Players with 2 decks of cards at rummystars. rummystars each are dealt to every player in a 13 Card Rummy game, 12 of which have to be melded into Sequences and Sets. Apart from 2 Printed Jokers, 13 Card Rummy also makes use of 8 Wildcard Jokers. What makes 13 Card Rummy so popular among Rummy Players is the fact that it is easy to play and can be enjoyed in its different variants – Pool, Deals and Points.

Pool Rummy:
Pool Rummy consists of two types – 101 and 201. The basic premise of the 101 Pool Rummy Game is that the first Player to reach 101 Points loses, while in the 201 Pool Rummy Game the first Player to reach 201 Points loses. Players continually attempt to meld their cards into Sequences and Sets and reduce their number of points so as to avoid the danger mark. What makes the game more exciting is the provision for Players to Re-Buy the Game after losing, which is applicable when the highest score is less than 79 points in case of 101 Rummy and less than 174 Points in 201 Rummy Game. The facility for the Pot to be Split among Players through Auto Split and Manual Split options is another one of the interesting aspects of 101 and 201 Rummy Game. Manual Split allows 2 or more Players to share the Spoils on a Multiplayer (3 or more) Table while Auto Split gets triggered when 2 or more players have scores of more than 80 and 175 in a 101 Rummy and 201 Rummy Multiplayer Game respectively.

Deals Rummy:
Deals Rummy is a commonly played rummy variant which consists of a fixed number of Deals. Depending on the number of Deals involved, Deals Rummy Game can be classified into the Best of 6 (BO6) or Best of 3 (BO3) or Best of 2 (BO2) types. In both of these variants, irrespective of the number of rounds won, the one to score minimum points upon completion of either 6 rounds in BO6 or 3 rounds in BO3 or 2 rounds in BO2 is declared winner. And in case of a Tie between 2 or more Players, an extra Tiebreaker Round would be played to decide the Winner.

Points Rummy:
Points Rummy is a popular Rummy Variant which consists of only one deal per game and where the value of points is predetermined. Players get to choose between different Point Games ranging in point value between 0.05 and 125 in this fast-paced and highly entertaining Rummy format. In any Point Game, the winner gets an amount equal to the combined score of all the losing players multiplied by the point value minus the rake*.

Both rummystars and 21 Cards Rummy can be played in the Points format.

21 Cards Rummy:
21 Cards Rummy is a popular variant of Indian Rummy game, which is commonly played across India and is available in its Desktop Version at rummystars. Played in the Points format with three decks of cards, 21 Cards Rummy requires 3 Pure Sequences to be formed at the minimum for a valid Show. Apart from making use of additional Grouping methodologies such as Doublees and Tunellas, 21 Cards Rummy also employs an extra group of Wildcard Jokers! Tailor-made for those adept at playing lengthier versions of the rummy game, it is more expansive in scope and presents players with a wider range of possibilities, thereby serving as a more robust measure of assessing their Rummy capabilities.

27 Cards Rummy:
rummystars exclusively brings before you 27 card Rummy game. 27 Cards Rummy is a 2 to 5 players game played with 3 decks of 53 cards including one printed joker per deck. 27 card rummy is played with only point rummy variant.

Rummy Tournaments:
rummystars Tournaments are played in the rummystars format and may be Round based or Level based. Players can enroll for free or with certain minimum buy-ins to win real Cash Chips and Prizes in Kind. Moreover, we also offer Tickets to Players for joining Specific Tournaments.

So, what are you waiting for? Register now and start playing real rummy online for free. Get ready to enjoy unlimited fun playing rummy games online with rummystars.

How Easy Is It To Deposit and Withdraw Cash?

We provide you with easy deposits options online when you choose to play online rummy with cash. Players can make their deposits using different options on website as well as our android app.

Not only does rummystars provide its players to play free rummy online, all transactions made on the rummystars website are 100% safe and secure. On clicking the Add Cash option on the website, users will be led to the page where payment options such as Net Banking, Credit Card, Paytm Wallet, Cash Cards, Mobile Wallet, etc. can be availed. On the top portion they are required to fill in the Deposit amount with any Bonus Code (if any), following which they need to again click on Add Cash button at the bottom to be directed to the Secure Payment Gateway. Players can rest assured that the information they enter on rummystars website is not shared with any third party, thereby ensuring complete confidentiality of all User data. Playing online rummy card games for real cash was never so easy!

Withdrawal can be done without any hassle at rummystars with online rummy players being allowed to withdraw anywhere from Rs. 200 to Rs. 10,000 in one go. According to the withdrawal policy, the Withdrawal can be in the form of a direct Account transfer or Cheque Transfer with minimum charges (1st two Withdrawals are free). Please be informed that there is a document verification process that needs to be carried out before withdrawal can be initiated, details of which can be checked under the withdrawal Tab.

Is Rummy Legal to Play in India?

It is absolutely Legal to play Rummy online in India!

Yes, it is absolutely legal to play rummy online or rummy offline. As per Supreme Court's decision, it is absolutely legal to play rummy online for free across India (except for the states of Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Kerala, Nagaland, Odisha, Sikkim, Tamil Nadu & Telangana).

So forget about all that hearsay that deters you from enjoying a good game of online rummy. Register right away and enjoy the benefits, have fun and enjoy a whole new experience with playing online rummy games at rummystars!

(Users accessing the site from the Indian states of Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Kerala, Nagaland, Odisha, Sikkim, Tamil Nadu & Telangana are not entertained by for the legal reasons. We do not entertain people from these regions accessing the sites or wagering on the game. Users detected by the system accessing the website from these states or any other region where there is an issue regarding playing real rummy online, their accounts will stand suspended or cancelled.)
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