Keronics Commodities Pvt. Ltd. services span the entire steel supply chain. We trade and distribute raw materials Metals, Commodities, Food Products, Electronics and Timbers. We trade and offer a price risk management service. We ship Metals, Commodities, Food Products, Electronics and Timbers. act as wholesale stockiest and manage inland distribution. We run stockholding and processing operations, delivering products direct to end-user premises.

Keronics Commodities Pvt. Ltd. core business is Metals, Commodities, Food Products, Electronics and Timbers trading. We act as a trading intermediary between producers and purchasers and provide a range of value-adding services.

Keronics Commodities Pvt. Ltd. international network affords us global scale with a local presence. We hold unsold forward positions and stock in several regions around the world - across a range of steel products - to minimize the long lead time entailed in producing and delivering steel. Added valued services supporting our trading business include off take arrangements, various forms of credit, derivatives trading, shipping, inspection, breaking bulk at port, clearing goods through customs, handling complex VAT regulations and organizing inland transport and intermediate stocking.

Our role as a trading intermediary can take one of two forms: principal or agent. When acting as the principal in the business we confirm the contract, take the credit risk and invoice the buyer - we make a profit by including a small margin for ourselves between the sales price and the purchasing costs. When acting as agent, the supplier invoices the buyer directly and we make a profit by way of a commission or fee from the producer. Whether we act as principal or agent, the marketing service offered to the producer is the same.