Welcome to Keronics Commodities Private Limited

Keronics Commodities Pvt. Ltd. the leading Indian name in trading arena offers the most advanced products, required in Metals, Commodities, Food Products, Electronics and Timbers. Contributing significantly to the overall growth and development of the nation, Keronics Commodities Pvt. Ltd. is considered as the leader in the production of Metals, Commodities, Food Products, Electronics and Timbers.

The company is highly confident of its capabilities that result in reaching new heights with the company's rooted principles, professionalism, well-directed guidance of management and the strong commitment of Team Keronics Commodities Pvt. Ltd.

As a trading intermediary and service provider the company focuses on to meet the competencies needed in the Trading Industry. The company intends on to be the partner of choice for producers and purchasers of India. We achieve this by nurturing strong business relationships, by continuously improving our processes and by adding value at every step. We offer integrated supply chain solutions that deliver competitive advantage to the producers and purchasers Trading Industries. The company aims at providing its customers with good quality materials, timely delivery while offering the services and materials in competitive price.